Tech Rehearsals

What’s the purpose?

Tech rehearsals allow us, as the name suggests, work out the technical aspects of the dance, such as making sure the music is clear, the lighting fits the movement, and allowing students (especially those new to the stage) become familiar with the new floor dimensions and audience.

We often run dances a few times through to increase the comfort level. This is also a great time to ask any questions that you might have regarding the costume, etc.


What time/day do I have to be there?

Times, days, and lengths of time that students must be at tech rehearsals are posted on the studio bulletin board. 

Be at the theatre, dressed and ready to dance, 15 minutes before your tech time. If we are running late, we apologize. If we are running ahead – it’s a good thing that you’re there.

You do not have to stay longer than your rehearsal time. After your rehearsal, however, you must take a mandatory Group Photo (upstairs).

What should I wear?

Please refer to the costume description board on the studio bulletin board (Coming Soon)

You should wear the appropriate costume for the dance that’s rehearsing (listed on the Tech order). All alterations must be done before tech rehearsal.

If it is a combo class, the jazz/hip hop costume should be worn. You may change from your jazz/hip hop costume into your other costume for individual photos if you so wish.


For tech, makeup should be light and “school age appropriate.” Males do not need makeup for Tech rehearsal (though they must wear makeup for Dress and Shows) 


What about pictures?

Pictures are taken directly after each dancer's tech rehearsal dance at the top of the stairs in the theatre. Again, everyone must be in the group photo as Miss Amy would like everyone to be in her photo album.

Individual photos are optional, but encouraged.


You must fill out a photo form and include your payment in order to have your individual picture taken. Checks are payable to Galley Studio and may be handed directly to the photographers.


Forms are available at the dance studio. BRAVO cannot provide IOU’s to outside vendors.

Tech Rehearsals are Mandatory 

Tuesday, June 4th & Wed, June 5th  

(For exact time/day for your dance/dancer,

please see below or check our studio bulletin board posting)

  • Photos are taken after your dance (unless so noted) in the balcony at the theatre.

  • Makeup should be light, such as what’s appropriate for school. Boys and young girls should not wear makeup for Tech, but must wear it for DRESS REHEARSAL and both SHOWS.

  • If your dance class is listed as a combo class, jazz/hip hop costumes should be worn, as group photos will be taken in this costume only. (Individual photos may be taken in the costume of your preference.

  • Everyone 13 and under MUST be with their parent/guardian at all times.

  • No one is allowed in the balcony during rehearsals as photos will be taken there.

  • If your dancer is in only one class, they will only be scheduled for one day (Tues or Wed). To read the Class Code, you will need to know the date and time of your dancer's dance class.  For example, if your class is Tuesday at 4:15, your class code will read T415.


Tuesday Tech Rehearsal

Tuesday Tech Rehearsal

Wednesday Tech Rehearsal

Wednesday Tech Rehearsal

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