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BRAVO Center Dress Code

Coming prepared and dressed for class is a part of

the disciple of dance. It prepares you in many ways.

  1. It gets you thinking about class and puts you in the right frame of mind BEFORE you come to the studio.

  2. It trains you to have all your dance items together and organized in preparation for performances.

  3. Keeping your hair out of your face allows you to spot during turns and tricks

  4. Proper shoe wear and dance wear allow you to move in the ways you need to and allow your teacher to see how your body is aligned.

Below are the guidelines you must follow in order to participate in class:

  • Face masks are optional and may be worn if the dancer prefers.

  • Dancers must arrive prepared/dressed for dance class. There will be no changing upon arrival or between classes.

  • Shoes are the responsibility of the dancer to purchase and maintain. Teachers will make specific shoe requests known the first week of class.

    • Parents/Guardians, please keep in mind your student's abilities when choosing slip-on, tie or buckled shoes. Dancers are responsible for putting on their own shoes. ​

  • ​Students need to bring their own water bottle to class.

  • Parents/Guardians, please make sure your student's name is written somewhere on their dance shoes and water bottle.

  • Instructors reserve the right to make adjustments to set guidelines at their discretion.

  • Dress code will be enforced the 4th week of classes.

  • Note- sweaters, sweatshirts and dance jackets may be used during warm-ups only

Ideally we would like you to have these items available to your student prior to the first day of class. If you have any further questions, please address them to your dance teacher as they may have specific request.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Acceptable Attire

Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical & Technique Classes

Tights (seamed tights for ballet)

Sheer short wrap skirt

Hair in tight bun or twist- make sure your bangs are back

*Pointe Dancers- Please see Pointe Shoe Recommendations

at the bottom  of this page

Jazz, Tap & Hip-Hop Classes

Leotards or tight camisole tops 

Hair secured back  (i.e. ponytail, braid, bun, etc.)

Creative Movement & Beginning Jazz


Leggings, tights or jazz bottoms 

Hair secured back  (i.e. ponytail, braid, bun, etc.)

Male Dancers

Close fitting shirt- no imprints

Athletic shorts or pants

Unacceptable Attire

Jeans or Denim of Any Kind

Athletic shorts (see Boys Exception)

Sport uniforms

Dresses or jumpers

Any top that shows more than 1 inch of stomach

Street shoes


Advanced Ballet dancers, Holland & Yana, demonstrate Acceptable Ballet Attire

Fall 2023 Shoes 1.PNG
Fall 2023 Shoes 2.PNG
Fall 2023 Shoes 3.PNG

Recommendations for Pointe Shoes


Students who are taking Intermediate or Advanced Pointe should get pointe shoes properly fitted for their feet. Unlike other dance shoes, pointe shoes should not be purchased simply based on standard shoe size. For safety and a proper fit, we recommend families make an appointment to have their dancer's pointe shoes properly sized and fitted. Please do not order pointe shoes offline without knowing your preferred brand, size and style.

These are two locations in Madison that offer pointe shoe fittings, and are great resources for help with pointe shoes. Please reach out to your pointe instructor if you have any questions.

La Boutique

2605 S Stoughton Rd,

Madison, WI



Rosy Cheeks

6045 Monona Rd,

Monona, WI


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Enjoy Your Winter Break!

Thank you Dancers & Families for a WONDERFUL Fall Session! The Holiday Spectacular was an astounding success, and you should be so proud of yourselves!

Enjoy your winter break, and we'll see you back in the studio on January 22nd, 2024!

Come Dance with Us this Spring!

Registration for the Spring 2024 Session will Open in Early January 

First day of our Spring 2024 session is Monday, January 22nd, 2024. 

Our June show performances will be on Friday, June 7th & Saturday, June 8th, 2024 at 6:00 PM at the Historic Al Ringling Theatre.

Holiday Spectacular 

Videos & Photos

It's Not Too Late to Order!

All BRAVO dancers will receive an email link to a digital copy of our 18th Annual Holiday Spectacular in about 4-6 weeks after showtime.

If you would like to order a physical DVD or Blu-Ray copy from Drop Frame, you can order yours HERE

Families can also order Holiday Spectacular dancer photos from Tristin Photography HERE

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