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Rise Up! Performances
What is "Rise Up"?

"Rise Up" is the BRAVO Center's Spring Show, which will take place on 

FRIDAY, JUNE 9th & SATURDAY, JUNE 10th, 2023 at 6:00PM at the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, WI.

What’s the purpose?

To have fun, show off all of our hard work and CELEBRATE dancing on stage!

What time and day do I have to be there?
  • The show begins at 6:00pm with theatre doors opening for our guests at 5:30pm.

  • Dancers must be in their assigned areas by 5:30pm each night.

  • High Schoolers must check in on the sign-in sheet in dressing areas by 5:30pm. If leaving early, you will need an Early Release Form.

  • Unless you have a previously signed Early Release Form on file, dancers must stay the length of the show.

    • This is a safety precaution. If you are debating whether or not your little one will make it the whole show, please fill out an Early Release Form just in case.
      We would rather have these forms on file and not need them than deny your child’s release.
      NOTE: Chaperones have been strictly instructed to not release a child without a signed release form; no exceptions.

Where is my assigned area?

Each class will have an assigned area in the theatre labeled by their class code or song title(s). Volunteer Chaperones are the only adults allowed in the dancer areas. 

Creative Movement (4K & Kindergarten) dancers will stay and sit with their parent/guardian during the show. A parent/guardian will walk them to the backstage door to meet Miss Ona when it's their time to dance. Creative Movement is the second dance to perform, so they will meet backstage when Miss Amy's curtain speech is taking place. After enjoying their performance, from your seat, parent/guardians can meet their dancer at the backstage entrance to escort them back to their seat. Creative Movement only performs this one dance, so dancers are free to leave with their parent/guardian once their performance concludes.

Kindergarten/1st Grade Combo Class dancers will be seated with their parent/guardians during the show. After the Opening number in Act 1 and Palm Reader (duet) in Act 2, parents/guardians will walk dancers to the backstage entrance to meet Ms. Andrea. After enjoying their performance, from your seat, parent/guardians can meet their dancer at the backstage entrance to escort them back to their seat.

Elementary Dancers will be seated with their class and their assigned chaperones.

Middle School Dancers will be seated with their class and their assigned chaperones. Middle School Dancers in multiple classes will sit with the class they perform with first. 

High School Dancers will be in the backstage dressing rooms off of the mainstage along with a chaperone. 

How do I read class codes?

Each class is listed with a "Class Code." This code is determined by which day and what time your dancers class takes place, followed by the grade level and/or style of dance. For example, if you are enrolled in the 2nd and 3rd Grade Trio class on Mondays at 5:30 PM, your class code is "M530 Trio". Tuesday classes are represented by "TU", Wednesdays by "W" and Thursdays by "TH". 

What should I wear?
  • You should wear your appropriate costume (see below), including the style of the hair, shoes, and makeup for each class.

  • Males and females both must wear heavy makeup in order to counteract the lighting ghost effect on the face. 

  • Wear your Rise Up! show T-shirt to cover up your costume. High school dancers can also choose to wear their BRAVO Jackets– keep your costume a surprise for the audience!

Where do I buy tickets?
  • Tickets are now available online at

    • Be aware that the theatre's online sales system, Eventbrite, add additional fees as well as sales tax over and above our asking price.

  • Tickets will also be available at the Al Ringling Theatre Box Office during their normal business hours, Tech and Dress Rehearsals, and at the doors prior to performances.

Am I allowed to take photos or videotape?

Flash photography and videotaping during performances is strictly prohibited.

If you would like to purchase a professional DVD, please fill out order form available in the theatre's lobby.

Also, remember to turn all electronics on SILENT, including cell phones, as they are not only distracting to everyone around you (including dancers), but they also interfere with our tech crews' head sets back stage. Thank you!

Can I buy flowers during performances?

Blooms Unfold will be selling flowers in the theatre lobby during performances.

To avoid flowers being sold out, families can pre-order a bouquet that will be available for pick-up during performances by calling Blooms Unfold at 608-448-4757. 

Costume Descriptions 

Costume DO and DO NOT's
  • Put your name on all of your items, including shoes
  • Bring "quick-fix" items you may need for your own use [Ex. Safety pins, bobby pins, hairbrush, make-up, extra tights, etc.]
  • Keep items together under your seat or assigned dressing room
  • Garment bags work well for multiple costumes- keep smaller items in Ziploc bags
  • If you wear your hair in a bun for one class- keep it that way for all classes
  • It is your responsibility to have all your costume alterations completed by the photo day or Dress Rehearsal (whichever comes first)
  • Have your payments ready for photos or DVD's (order forms will be available during Tech Rehearsals)
  • Sit/stay in your assigned areas, and sign in and out with your chaperones
  • Be helpful and respectful of others, and the Al Ringling staff and building
  • Ask Miss Amy questions only after checking the information board, reading the website, talking with your parent, teacher, or chaperone.
  • Leave anything of value in your bags in the seating area or in the dressing rooms - Please leave those items safely at home.
  • Bring friends down in the dressing rooms - Meet them in the lobby.
  • High school dancers should wear their jackets to cover themselves when not in the basement dressing rooms (this helps keep your costume clean and a surprise to the audience)
  • All tattoos must be covered with make-up, and there is no nail polish or jewelry worn on stage.

Costume Descriptions are sorted by instructor's name

[Miss Amy, Ms. Andrea, Ms. Brie, Ms. Kari, then Ms. Kristen], and then categorized by class night.

Private Lessons are not included on this list.

Dancers who take private lessons, please contact your teacher with any questions.


Participating High School Dancers

Opener: Rise Up

Hair: Whatever your first class dance requires

CostumeRise Up! T-Shirt 

Legs: Own Black Bottoms (i.e. black pants, leggings, shorts, etc.)

Shoes: Own Black Shoes (i.e. black jazz shoes, sneakers, etc.)

Rise Up Shirt.PNG


SU700- Senior Ballroom

Meet Me at the Juke Box

Hair: TBD

Costume: TBD

Legs: TBD

Shoes: TBD


TU430- 4/6 LYRICAL


Hair: Bun

Costume: Blush Dress

Legs: Footless Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers


Clair de Lune (Flat)

Hair: Bun

Costume: Black Gradient Dress

Legs: Pink Seamed Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers

Arabian Nights (Pointe)

Hair: Bun

Costume: Teal Arabian Costume

Legs: Pink Seamed Tights

Shoes: Satin Pink Pointe Shoes


TH430- K/1 COMBO

Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boo (Ballet)

Hair: Half-Pony Tail

Costume: Pink & Blue Tutu with Silver Wand

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers

Tippy Toes (Jazz)

Hair: Half-Pony Tail

Costume: Black Cherry Dress

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

TH530- 2/3 TRIO

Learn to Do It (Ballet)

Hair: Bun

Costume: Biketard with Tutu

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes

Vogue (Jazz)

Hair: Ponytail

Costume: Biketard

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

Shining Star (Tap)

Hair: Ponytail

Costume: Biketard with Pink Skirt

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes


Play That Funky Music

Hair: Ponytail

Costume: Multi-Colored Top with Black Leggings

Legs: Black Leggings

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes


M530- 2/3 TRIO

Swan Lake (Ballet)

Hair: High Ponytail with Feathered Headband; jewels on the left side of head.

Costume: Black Biketard with Black Tutu

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers

Descendants Mash-Up (Jazz)

Hair: High Ponytail

Costume: Black Biketard with Red Metallic Jacket; button the bottom 4 buttons.

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

Singin' in the Rain (Tap)

Hair: High Ponytail

Costume: Black Biketard with Yellow Raincoat buttoned up

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes



Hair: Middle part with middle sleek ponytail

Costume: White blazer with black crop top. *Dancers providing own black shorts.

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Tan Tap Shoes


Higher (Jazz)

Hair: High Ponytail

Costume: Gold/Black Jazz Costume

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes

Kyra's Crew (Hip-Hop)

Hair: High Ponytail with Pink Extensions

Costume: Pink long sleeved crop top with black cargo pants

Shoes: Black Sneakers. *Dancers provide own no-show socks.




Revolting Children

Hair: Dancer's Character Choice of Ponytail, Half-up/Half-Down, Bun, Pigtails or Braids. Hair must be out of your face. *Please be mindful of your other dances and time to change. Dancers could wear red or black hair accessories such as bows or headbands if they choose.

Costume: School Uniform Costume

Dancers in Gray Pants: Zahkar, Will, Alex, Journey & Aris

*White Button Down Shirt (Dancers Must Provide Own White Undershirt)

*Red Tie

*Gray Pants

*Black Crew Socks

*Optional- Black Belt (Dancers must provide own belt if they so choose)

Dancers in Gray Jumper: Ona, Chloe, Aero, Olive, Emmalyne, Holly & Cassidy

*White Button Down Shirt (Dancers Must Provide Own White Undershirt)

*Red Tie

*Gray Jumper

*Gray Dance Shorts

*Nude Dance Tights

*White Crew Socks Folded Down

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes with Black Socks (Pants) or White Socks (Jumper)

Provided By Dancers: All dancers should wear their own white shirt, white tank top/camisole or white leotard under their provided white button down shirt. Dancers in pants have the option to wear their own personal black belt if they would like. 


The Hanging Tree

Hair: Half Ponytail *Disregard rhinestone barrettes that comes with costume

[they are yours to keep, we just will not be wearing them]

Costume: Flowing Dress with Criss-Crossed Top

Sand- Emmalyne & Alex

Mocha- Ona & Grace

Rosewood- Chloe, Cassidy & Aris

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Nude half-soled or contemporary shoes (provided by dancer) 



Hair: Half Ponytail *Disregard rhinestone barrettes that comes with costume

Costume: Green Dress with flowing sleeve cuffs

Legs: Nude Dance Tights

Shoes: Nude half-soled or contemporary shoes (provided by dancer) 


W515- Creative Movement

Get Back Up Again

Hair: High Ponytail with Bow Headband

Costume: Rainbow Biketard with attached Tutu

Legs: Nude dance tights (included and will be handed out in class closer to performance)

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers 


Bohemian Rhapsody (Jazz)

Costume: Yellow Belted Jacket with Black "Galileo Shirt" and White Pants

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes 

Jose's Homies (Hip-Hop)

Costume: Marble Joggers with Coordinating Marble T-Shirt

Shoes: Black Sneakers with Black Socks* (*Provided by Dancer)


Legally Blonde Remix

Hair: Dancer's Character Choice

Costume & Shoes: Costumes are Based on Character. Please refer to BAND page for specific breakdown.

Anna as Elle- Pink Blazer with Pink Pants (*Provide own white top)

Annie as Vivian- Navy Dress with Navy Undershorts

Rebel as Paulette- Denim Vest & Skirt, Ireland Heart T-Shirt, Navy Undershorts

Linus as Kyle- Brown Button Shirt, Brown Shorts, UPS Hat

Logan as Professor Callahan & Others- Navy Jacket and Pants as Callahan, Hawaiian Shirt for Ensemble (*Provide own white top)

Mark as Mr. Woods & Others- Green Polo, Gray Breeches, Green/Gray Socks & Green Golf Hat

Lily as Mrs. Woods & Others- Flowered Sundress, Sunhat & Light Blue Undershorts

Ona, Ellie & Grace as Delta Nu Girls- Delta Nu Top with own pastel/colorful/white bottoms [shorts/skirt/leggings]. Please no black or navy. 



The World Will Know

HairNewsie Hat


Eli- Henley 3-button shirt, gray vest, brown breeches, argyle socks. 

Jack- Yellow/plaid button down shirt, brown pants.

Linus- Brown button-down shirt, black suspenders, gray breeches, argyle socks.

Sam- Henley 3-button shirt, brown suspenders, gray pants. 

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

Props: Canvas newsboy bag with newspapers


Für Elise

Hair: Half-Ponytail


Holland & Harper- Yellow Hazmat suit over Saffron Dress

Holland- Saffron Lace Dress

Harper, Ophelia, Ellie & Evie- Shredded Saffron Dress

Legs: Nude dance tights (included and will be handed out in class closer to performance)

Shoes: Nude half-soled or contemporary shoes


M445- 7/10 JAZZ

Crowd Go Crazy

Hair: High Ponytail


Ona, Journey, Raquel, Jasmine- Black/Red Fringe Dress with Black Leggings* 

Will- Red Blazer, Black V-Neck Shirt & Black Pants*. 

Legs: Black Leggings* or Black Pants* (*Provided by Dancer)

Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes


Way Up

Hair: High Ponytail

Costume: White Tank Leotard with White Cropped Hoodie

Legs: Blue & White Track Pants

Shoes: Black Hip-Hop Tennis Shoes with no-show socks* (*Provided by Dancer)


Celebrate the 608

Hair: High Ponytail with Silver (Yellow Group) or Gold (Blue Group) Sequin Scrunchie

Costume: Silver (Yellow Group) or Gold (Blue Group) Crop Top

Legs: Black High Waist Leggings

ShoesBlack Hip-Hop Tennis Shoes with no-show socks* (*Provided by Dancer)


We Do Talk About Bruno (Jazz)

Hair: Long Hair- Ponytail

Short Hair- Out of Face


Rebel, Michon, Makaylah- Black Sequin Biketard with Nude Tights

Logan, Linus, Grayson- Gold Sequin Button-Down with Black Pants

Shoes: Jazz Shoes

All the Way Up (Hip-Hop)

Hair: Long Hair- Ponytail

Short Hair- Out of Face


Rebel, Michon, Makaylah- Red/Black Crop Top with Black Leggings

Logan, Linus, Grayson- Gray Hoodie with Black Pants

Shoes: Black Hip-Hop Tennis Shoes with no-show socks* (*Provided by Dancer)



Libertango (Flat)

Hair: Bun

Costume: Raisin Dress

Legs: Pink Seamed Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Slippers

Coppelia- Waltz of the Hours (Pointe)

Hair: Bun

Costume: Velvet & Rhinestone Bodice Leo with Tutu

Navy: Anna & Sienna 

Emerald: Holland & Yana 

Rosewood: Ella 

Legs: Pink Seamed Tights

Shoes: Satin Pink Pointe Shoes

Blush Dress.jpg
Arabian Nights.jpg
Black Gradiant.jpg
Powder Blue Tutu.jpg
BBB Wand.jpg
Black Cherry.jpg
Trio Jazz.jpg
Trio Tap.jpg
Trio Ballet.jpg
Jazz Rainbow Pant.jpg
Adv Tap Jacket.jpg
Int MT Shirt.jpg
Int MT Tie.jpg
Int MT Pants.jpg
Shorts for Under Jumper.jpg
Int MT Skirt.jpg
Creative Movement- Front.jpg
Boys Combo Jazz Jacket.jpg
Boys Combo Jazz Tshirt.jpg
Boys Combo HH Top.jpg
Boys Combo HH Pants.jpg
Boys Combo Jazz Pants.jpg
Group Photo.PNG

Please Refer to our Class BAND Page for Specific Costume Images for W645 Adv MT Dancer/Characters

Newsies Group.PNG
Narr Cont Haz Suit.PNG
Narr Cont Holland.jpg
Narr Cont.jpg
M445 Jazz Fringe Dress.jpg
M445 Jazz Red Blazer.jpg
M530 White Crop Hoodie.jpg
M530 White Leo.jpg
M530 Track Pants.jpg
M615 Silver Crop.jpg
m615 Leggings.jpg
M615 Gold Crop.jpg
M615 Scrunchie.jpg
M615 Scrunchie Gold.jpg
M730 Jazz Biketard.jpg
M730 Black Pants.PNG
M730 Gold Button Down.PNG
M730 HH Top.jpg
M730 Leggings.PNG
M730 Black Pants.PNG
M730 Gray Hoodie.PNG
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Spring Break

March 25th - 31st, 2024

The BRAVO Center will be closed Monday, March 25th thru Sunday, March 31st for Spring Break! No classes will take place during this week. Enjoy your break!

Tuition Reminder 

Student Dance Class Tuition Due by Sunday, March 31, 2024

All student account balances must be paid in full by Sunday, March 31st, 2024. Families should have received an email invoice at the beginning of February to the email you registered your dancer with. Adult Dance and Fitness Class tuition due dates vary based on shorter session offerings.

Please email the BRAVO Center Office if you have any questions.

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