Class Placement

What's Right for You?

At BRAVO, we take pride that students enjoy fun classes with their friends that are suited to their passions and abilitiesBeing with friends is fun, but dance is so much more than "hanging out" - after all, it's your tuition and we want you to have something to show for it!


Students are invited to register for classes based primarily on age group (example: early elementary, upper elementary, middle school, etc). However, teachers reserve the right to move your student based on his or her abilities - if you have a passion for movement and work hard, there's no reason to let your grade hold you back! BRAVO instructors have the education and experience to recognize raw and trained talent and will work to make sure that your dancer is in a class that will best help them reach their goal - whether that is simply to have fun in with a group of friends or seek entrance into dance programs across the country!


​Students ages 4-8th grade are welcome to enroll in classes that they feel most comfortable in. Once female students are in high school, we ask and encourage them to "audition" in order to earn their spot in one of our many high school hip hop/lyrical combo classes.  But have no fear - BRAVO "auditions" are stress-free, fun, and a great way to start the year. Check out more information below.


All placements subject to Director discretion.

What it Means to "Audition"
(We promise it's not scary)

One of the many things that separates BRAVO from other studios is our commitment to listening to our students. Years ago, our BRAVO family told us that they wanted an opportunity to "earn" their spot in class instead of relying on teachers to decide where they will best learn, perform, and have fun. At the same time, many of our alumni returned expressing that they wish they had a better idea of what the audition process was like before trying out for collegiate and professional dance companies.

BRAVO took what you said to heart and we created an non-threatening, fun, and exciting "audition" process to help students get their feet wet and show us their achievement goals.

It's important to know that EVERYONE who "auditions" secures a placement.

The auditions are not to see who makes it into BRAVO and who does not; we're a family and want everyone to be a part of the studio! BRAVO auditions are simply a day before registration when you come in with the rest of your high school classmates, learn about 30 seconds of a hip hop piece, and perform it in front of a group of friendly audience members who give you a confidential mark based upon your efforts and performance. Co-Ed HipHop class lists are then composed based on those scores and other information, such as if you worked especially hard the previous year or if you missed a lot of classes without noted reason.


We've held BRAVO "auditions" each year since 2006 and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback both from current students and alumni. What is most important to us is that you are in a class that you feel comfortable and that you are surrounded by people with similar drive and ability so that you can have the most fun. BRAVO auditions are an impartial way to design these classes and let you earn a top spot to work with our guest choreographers! Please note that we also have non-auditioned high school hip hop classes available. However, we strongly encourage you to give it a try - we think you'll be both surprised and proud of how well you do! We are ever impressed with the students who continually "step it up" each year, and we can't wait to see what you bring to the table this fall!



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Great News! We will be back at the Al Ringling Theatre just on a new date! 

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Important News & Updates:

The BRAVO Center will continue to require all of our COVID precautions, including optional mask-wear and encouraged

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Families are asked to keep their dancers home if they are feeling ill.

Thank you for putting your BRAVO family first.

We're in this together!