What Are People Saying About BRAVO?

"The BRAVO Center is not only a great place for kids to learn how to dance, but it is a great place to learn responsibility, respect, teamwork, compassion, and other lifelong skills.

This is greatly modeled by all who work for BRAVO. My three children are in their 4th year at BRAVO. At the end of each year I ask, "Do you want to take dance again?" They respond with an enthusiastic "YES!" That is saying something for my two boys, one even being in the middle school. They both take pride in their accomplishments in dance and it is largely due to their wonderful instructor "Miss Amy." She knows how to work with every age and level of student. I enjoy watching her teach and seeing her students listen intently as she does so. My 8-year-old daughter loves to choreograph already and she uses terminology, insight, and forethought that she has learned from her teachers at BRAVO.

Miss Amy has an outstanding staff of teachers: Mr. Michael, Miss Kristen, Miss Andi, and Erika. You will often see these teachers at the schools in our area and community events. Miss Amy even came to GLW one year to perform with the elementary boys for their Talent Show. She does this without hesitation and is genuinely excited to be with her students.

Thank you, BRAVO, and especially "Miss Amy" for instilling the love of dance in my children and to so many others. I hope you are teaching for many more years to come. I want to hear you announce my three kid's names at the end of their senior show and say that they have danced with you for 14 years. That would make any  parent proud and bring my kids to tears reflecting on what an incredible impact you have had on their lives."

Lynn Gunnell, BRAVO parent

"BRAVO is the perfect combination of small-town familiarity and big-city talent. The teachers are all local, but their instructional skills make the students feel like they're in a New York studio! I've been dancing for 33 years, but my years at BRAVO have been the best."

Dana Forbes, advanced adult ballet

"After we moved here in 2001 our girls wanted to try something they hadn't done in New Jersey. A friend recommended the BRAVO Center. With the support of Miss Amy and later Kristen and Mr. Michael, my husband  & I have watched our daughters grow into graceful, confident young women. Our experience at the BRAVO Center has been a real family affair. My husband and I started out by helping as chaperones. Then we started helping with set decoration, tear down and helping out front. Many of you see my husband at the door at most of the performances. We've also been lucky enough to perform in Dads dances and Mom dances.

The most fun we have is watching all the dancers perform (especially our own)! Each new show is always the best! Miss Amy, Andi, Kristen, and Michael always seem to find new ways to push the envelope. Some of my most fun times were when the girls were very young sitting outside the door and listening to the positive, creative way Miss Amy teaches. I have told her many times I appreciate her teaching methods I credit her and Kristen in particular for helping to instill in our daughters a great sense of fun, confidence and a work ethic. "Mom I can't miss dance!" has been a phrase heard often in our house. I would encourage anyone to consider the BRAVO Center for their son or daughter it is a great fun experience for the entire family.

I also encourage any and all ages to try the Zumba classes! What a blast! One of the best ways I know to stay in shape while having fun! I know that is a lot of exclamation points but there really can't be to many when it comes to Zumba. I often pretend I can really dance as well as Miss Amy or Erika during the class, a little fantasy is always good for the soul"

Carolyn Bonanno, Zumba all-star and BRAVO parent


For the 9 years, I had been a part of Ballet at BRAVO, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Miss Kristen Reynoso pushed us hard, but she always kept the atmosphere fun and light. Dancing ballet with Kristen has taught me how to be disciplined and in control of my body's movements. We always worked very hard, but there was never a shortage of laughter (or sweat!) in the room. My memories of BRAVO will be with me always.

Lydia Bonanno, BRAVO alumna

The BRAVO Center

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16th Annual Holiday Spectacular! 


December 4th, 2021

Mandatory Dress:

December 3rd, 2021  

Click HERE for more info on show, rehearsals, costumes and more. 

Dance Classes Begin 

Session II

Jan. 10 - June 11, 2022

New registrations will be open as of December 15, 2021 

2022 June Show 

Great news! We are back at the Al Ringling Theatre just on a new date! 

Our Annual June Show will be on

Friday, June 3rd &

Saturday 4th, 2022 

at the Al Ringling Theatre

Performances will begin

at 6:00pm

Important News & Updates:

The BRAVO Center will continue to require all of our COVID precautions, including mandatory mask-wear and encouraged

social distancing. 

This helps to protect those dancers who are too young to be vaccinated and the families who have opted not to

receive the vaccine. 

Thank you for putting your BRAVO family first.

We're in this together!

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