SHOW 2020

Hello Dancers and Parents!

Here we go!! Our Parent Performance with Filming in the Gollmar Room at the Baraboo Arts Building is next week!!  I am so excited, and our dancers can't wait to show you all they've accomplished this year!

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shifted how some things have to be run this year, but as they say: the show must go on! . Like you, I wish that we could be maskless and on the Al Ringling stage - but even more than that, I want our students, our teachers, and our BRAVO family to remain safe and healthy. 

By practicing these precautions, we will be able to run the show as safely and smoothly as possible. Strict adherence to the guidance below is mandatory; failure to abide by these precautions may result in your dancer and family being unable to participate in our performance.

Masks covering both your mouth and nose must be worn at all times by everyone (dancers and parents) in the Baraboo Arts Building entryway and Gollmar Room.  No Exceptions. Hand Sanitizer (provided)  to be used upon entering and leaving the performance areas.    

WHAT: BRAVO Center's 2020 Show, REBOOT 2020
Parent Performance (plus filming!)

WHERE: Gollmar Ballroom in the Baraboo Arts Building
(The Baraboo Arts Building is the same building as BRAVO, but the entrance is on Water Street.)  Look for the yellow sign with balloons.

WHEN: See Performance Schedule (BELOW)
The performance schedule was both handed to your dancer and emailed to you this week. Come no more than 5-10 minutes prior to your stage time to be checked in. 

WALK-THROUGH: How This Works

  1. Be at the Baraboo Arts Building/Gollmar Ballroom entrance for check-in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled stage time. (Example: if your scheduled stage time is 4:30pm, you are expected to check in between 4:20-4:25pm.) 

  2. Your dancer must come already dressed in the appropriate costume for that song/style. Makeup is not required, but light eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara is helpful for video recording/lighting purposes. Please ensure that all of your costume parts, shoes included, have your dancer's name on them and are stored neatly together!

  3. If your dancer is in a combo/trio class, they should arrive in their first costume and bring the remaining costumes/shoes with them. Dancers will be able to change in either the ballroom or bathrooms (approx. 20 minutes). Please ensure social distancing.  Parents are solely responsible for costume changes and the appropriate behavior of their dancers. Please be quiet and respectful and do not distract the performers. If you have longer than 20 minutes before your dancer's next performance, we ask that you leave the Baraboo Arts Building and enjoy downtown before re-checking in 5-10 minutes before your next stage time.

  4. Once you are finished performing, please leave the ballroom. You may not stay past your last performance.

Personal videotaping and flash photography are prohibited during performances; why hold your phone when your hands are needed to clap and cheer on your dancers? Strobel Entertainment, by BRAVO alumni Jed Strobel, will be professionally videorecording and creating DVDs available for purchase so that you can share your memories with others and enjoy the other dances. Click here for DVD order form; completed forms and payments will be collected at the check-in table. All DVD profits go to Strobel Entertainment and Jed has generously offered the DVDs at a significant discount.

Strobel Entertainment will have both a stationary camera and a carried camera in order to do pans and close-ups. Strobel Entertainment has viewing precedence and will be walking in front of the stage as your dancers perform in order to get the best shots; for your safety and the safety of others, do not get in the camera crew's way.

Strobel Entertainment will be working diligently on creating your DVDs and we will let you know just as soon as they're ready for pick-up so that you can watch all of the great dances in BRAVO's "REBOOT 2020"!  

Professional photographs will not be offered this year. A BRAVO banner has been hung in the entryway to use as a backdrop for any personal photos you may wish to take. Remember, as you remain indoors, masks covering both nose and mouth must be worn by all. If you want maskless photos, I invite you to take those at home!


  1. Do not attend if you or your dancer exhibit fever, sore throat, abnormal headache/migraine, coughing, unexplained nausea/vomiting, or unusual muscle pain.

  2. Temperatures will be taken of all people entering the ballroom; if someone has a temperature of 100* or higher, they will be asked to leave for your safety and the health of those around you.

  3. Masks covering both nose and mouth must be worn at all times; no exceptions.

  4. After your dancer's performance, we ask that you leave the ballroom to maintain the availability of social distancing.

  5. You may not come earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled time, and may not stay past your last performance. If you have a break, take that opportunity to visit downtown and get something to eat or shop local!

We cannot wait to show you the resilience and spirit of your dancers.Our show is different this year - and that's okay. I know you will be impressed with the accomplishments and skill development of your dancer, just as I am. I sincerely appreciate the ways in which our BRAVO families have been flexible (literally and figuratively!) and supportive of their dancers and our teachers amidst the changes 2020 has brought. Thank you. The challenges of this year highlight for me just how fortunate we are to be able to work together to find safe, healthy, and new ways to share in our love of dance.

With Love,
          Miss Amy, Director
          BRAVO Center, LLC

Parent Performance and Filming for “REBOOT 2020” 😊

Monday, December 7th  @ Baraboo Banquet Hall

3:50 pm Duet: Gia and Kae Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

4:10 pm M400CM-Amy Smooth Moving Boogie Express

4:30 pm M430COMBO-Amy Love and Marriage (tap)

4:50 pm M500TRIO-Kari Beautiful Life (ballet)

5:10 pm M430COMBO -A Black or White (jazz)

5:30 pm M500TRIO -K Red Balloon (HH/jazz)

5:50 pm Dinner Break for crew during costume change

6:10 pm M500TRIO-K Good Time (tap)

6:30 pm M530ADVTAP-Amy The Cups Song

6:50 pm M630MSHH-Kari Game Time

7:10 pm M715HSAUD-Amy Nobody

:30 pm M715MSLYR – Kari Lay Me Down

7:50 pm M815HSAUD-Amy La Vie en Rose

8:10 pm M815HSAUD-Amy Sam’s Jam

8:30 pm  All High School Traditions

Tuesday, December 8th   @ Baraboo Banquet Hall 

4:00 pm TH400T/B -Andrea Little Tap Shoes (tap) then The Glow (ballet)

4:40 pm T400BLT-Andrea The Book of Love

5:00 pm T430CM-Amy The Cowpoke Song

5:20 pm T445BLT-Andrea Lovely

5:40 pm T500COMBO – Amy Something There (ballet)

6:00 pm T545BPT – Andrea All Star (pointe)* MEG

6:20 pm T500COMBO – Amy Dancing on the Ceiling (jazz)

6:40 pm Solo: Jayna Mendoza Hold On

7:00 pm T545&T715COMB Pieces (flat) MEG AND SAMANTHA

7:20 pm T700MT – Brienna Anything Can Happen*

7:40 pm T715ADVPT Once Upon a December (pointe)* SAMANTHA


*High School Dancers: Traditions performs on Monday, December 7th at 8:30 pm*

Wednesday, December 9th   @ Baraboo Banquet Hall 

5:00 pm W400COMBO- Amy Theme from New York, New York (tap)

5:20 pm W415UEHH- Sarah Becky G Mix-1

5:40 pm W400COMBO-Amy Work It ‘til you Lose Control (jazz)

6:00 pm W415UELYR- Sarah With Love

6:20 pm T530BBLT- Amy Where Do I Go from Here?

6:40 pm W530MSBOYS -Amy Get Low

Thursday, December 10th   @ Baraboo Banquet Hall

4:00 pm Grace Schachern Breathe Me

4:20 pm TH400BTAP- Amy Lollipop

4:40 pm TH445B/J - Andrea Loyal Brave True (ballet)

5:00 pm Brooke Minder City Song

5:20 pm TH445B/J- Andrea Better When I’m Dancing (jazz)

5:40 pm TH430TRIO- Amy When You Believe (ballet)

6:00 pm TH530HH- Andrea What’s My Name

6:20 pm Grace and William Jail House Rock

6:40 pm TH430TRIO-Amy High Top Shoes (jazz)

7:00 pm TH615B/J- Andrea Speechless (ballet)

7:20 pm TH430TRIO- Amy Putting on the Ritz

7:40 pm TH615B/J-Andrea Footloose

8:00 pm TH600CONT - Brie Found Tonight 

8:20 pm  TH715HH- Andrea We Own the Night

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN BY ALL AT ALL TIMES! We will be wearing them while performing and all attendees must wear them as well.  Wear your BRAVO mask or one that compliments your costume as you wish. Dancers are allowed two (2) adult observers.  This is required to stay within our 50% capacity for the room. 

  • Everyone will be checked in at the door and will have their temperature taken. Do no come if you have a fever, muscle aches, nausea, sore throat or loss smell or taste.

  • Dancers must come dressed and ready to perform their dance.  If performing in more than one – dancers may change costumes on site with parents assisting them if needed.  

  • We will be offering DVD’s and ask that no personal pictures or videos be taken while we are performing.  You make take personal photos by our “Photo Wall” after you are finished. We request dancers and observers leave the premises immediately after performing. There is a state mandated limit for the number of people allowed in the building.

  • We are unable to amend schedules as they are very tight.  We will be filming each dance only once unless there is a technical problem.  This is under the director’s discretion and is non-negotiable.

  • You are responsible for your costumes and property.  BRAVO is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Put your name on all personal items and keep them together. 

The BRAVO Center

202 East Street, Suite 600

Baraboo, WI 53913

 (608) 356-0865

Session II Classes

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Important News & Updates:

June 11 & 12th

"Together in This 2021"


Thursday June 10th
Dress Rehearsal 

Tuesday & Wed June 8 & 9
Technical Rehearsals



The BRAVO Center will continue to require all of our COVID precautions, including mandatory mask-wear and encouraged

social distancing. 

This helps to protect those dancers who are too young to be vaccinated and the families who have opted not to

receive the vaccine. 

Thank you for putting your BRAVO family first.

We're in this together!

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