Class Descriptions

Moving Magic

In our Tiny Tots sessions, children ages  2 to 3 1/2 are able to explore the world of dance in a way that feels fun, exciting, and safe. Moving Magic focuses on basic developmental skills that help the children understand dance fundamentals. Through song and movement, toddlers practice listening skills and coordination, following directions and working together. Our goal is to make dance fun and engaging! As always, to help the students feel most at home, parents are invited to dance in class with their dancer if they wish. We intend to have our parents come in to the studio to watch the last class as audience members. Video taping is encouraged!

Creative Movement

Creative Movement focuses on a child’s quick sense of success using games, music, and physical tasks. Dancers, typically ages 4-6 years old, work to stretch, balance, and control their bodies. Creative Movement prepares students for all genres of dance. The class is fun, fast-paced, and full of energy! Perfect for the first time dancer. Ballet shoes are required.

​K-1 Jazz

Our goal for Beginning Jazz is to learn jazz technique and fundamentals that easily translate to other genres of dance, such as hip hop and tap. Dancers work on flexibility, body awareness, and self-discipline. Beginning Jazz is often offered as part of a combo class at BRAVO, as it compliments both tap and ballet technique at a beginning level.  Black jazz shoes are required.

K-1 Tap

Beginning Tap is learning basic steps and combinations, focusing on foot isolations and tap terminology. Rhythms are simple and fun as we explore the different sounds that can be made with each part of the footwear. Black tap shoes are required for this class.


K-1 Ballet

This class is for the young dancer who can’t stop twirling in the kitchen while you’re making dinner! Beginning Ballet is a gentle introduction to the world of ballet, including technique, barre work, and across the floor. Never boring, Beginning Ballet is sets a fun, firm foundation for every dancer. Ballet shoes are required.

Intermediate Jazz (Upper Elementary)

Our goal for our Intermediate Jazz level is to improve and expand upon the fundamentals learned through our Beginning Jazz class. We stress age-appropriate body isolation, the emotions behind movements, and more complex combinations.  Black jazz shoes are required.

Intermediate Tap (Upper Elementary)

Intermediate Tap builds upon the basic steps and combinations learned in our Beginning Tap class. Syncopated rhythms, more complicated turns, and tougher combinations will be explored. Tap shoes are required for this class.


Contemporary Ballet -This class marries strong ballet technique with artistic contemporary flair. Focusing on building a strong foundation, this class will teach the ballet technique necessary to continue onto more advanced lyrical or contemporary styles. In this class we will use our newly learned ballet technique, continue to hone those skills, and apply it to a contemporary performance.

Middle School Hip Hop

At BRAVO, we strike the perfect balance between pop culture and the foundations that the art of dance was based upon. Students get the movements they like with the structure they NEED, and our parents are happy to see their students perform fresh, cool movements that are age appropriate. Our Middle School Hip Hop reflects classic movements seen from dance teams to Broadway and brings a street flavor to the art of dance.

Middle School Tap

Our Middle School Tap class is taught by Miss Amy. With her experience and unmatched creativity, middle school BRAVO students learn that tap is a whole lot more than making music with your feet! Pull backs, flies, and time steps are just a few of the skills that our Middle School Tap class works on as they focus on clean sounds, footwork, and stage presence.

Middle School Lyrical

Lyrical movement is a cousin to ballet. With more forgiving technique, lyrical is often performed in parallel and has a more emotive style. Students experiment with fluid motions, sustained balance, flexibility, and grace. BRAVO high schoolers often take hip hop and lyrical combo classes; the Middle School Lyrical class is a wonderful way to gain experience in the genre. This is one of our most popular classes.


Intermediate Ballet

Our goal for this level is to build on the basic understanding of ballet technique and vocabulary.  Students get an emphasis on barre work and positions of the body.  Focus is placed on correct alignment, strengthening, toning, and flexibility of the muscles. Students learn classical repertoire for the winter show, and contemporary rep for the spring show.


All-Boys Middle School Hip Hop

This class takes our all-boys hip hop class one step forward with focus on strength, core work, and powerful movements. Dancers are introduced to floor work and hip hop tricks (such as stalls and breaking). This class is fast-paced; much like a sports practice, students are pushed do more than they think they can while working as a team.


High School Auditioned Hip Hop/Modern Combo Class

One of the many things that separate BRAVO from other studios is our commitment to listening to our students. Years ago, our BRAVO family told us that they wanted an opportunity to "earn" their spot in class instead of relying on teachers to decide where they will best learn, perform, and have fun. BRAVO took what you said to heart and we created a non-threatening, fun, and exciting "audition" process to help students get their feet wet and show us their achievement goals. Our High School Auditioned Hip Hop/Lyrical Combo Classes work on strength, tricks, body isolations, and fast rhythms. Breaking and popping is introduced and improved in each of our auditioned levels. See Class Placement for details on our stress-free audition process. Depending upon the skills and desires of each auditioned class, the lyrical class portion may take a more modern feel.


Non-Auditioned HS Classes

Non-Auditioned classes focus on strength and body isolations and the technique needed for each dance style. These classes offer a “ya’ll come” policy and can also be started mid-year for those of you with busy schedules. Please note that our auditioned classes are a full-year commitment. Taken alone or in addition to your auditioned class - this is a great way to expand your dance experience!


All Boys Hip Hop/Modern Combo

Our top male dancers have always been a crowd favorite. With the unique opportunity to work with professional guest choreographers, our high school All Boys Hip Hop/Modern Combo class requires athleticism, stamina, and a sense of ADVENTURE. Weight training, agility, and circuit exercises help dancers create powerful, masculine movements with the control and flexibility needed to perform in any sport, especially dance.


Technique and Conditioning - New and Non-performing

Each week this class will focus on a different technical aspect of dance such as jumps, turns, kicks, strength training, flexibility enhancement, and more! This class does NOT perform at the dance showcase, leaving us the full class time to work on skills and fundamentals. This class is ideal for students who wish to pursue or are in advanced placement classes

Advanced Tap

The goal of our Advanced Tap class is to perfect the artistry of tap dancing. Fast-paced and fun, Advanced Tap offers students a more challenging repertoire. Complex rhythms are just the start to the skills that Mr. Michael choreographs for these dancers. Steps learned in Middle School Tap are built upon and perfected. Whether you’re hoofing, soft-shoeing, or “stomp”-ing, making music with your feet at BRAVO has never been so rewarding.


Advanced Ballet with Pointe (Placement by instructor) 

Advanced students study full barre exercises as well as center work.  Students work at a high level during their technique class, focusing on continued core and muscle strength, tone, and flexibility.  Pointe work includes barre, center and repertoire.  Students that attend the pointe portion of the class must already be advanced enough to have the ankle strength for pointe, and must be cleared by BRAVO staff.   


Intermediate Musical Theater (Placement by instructor) 

Formerly called Dance Theater, our Musical Theater class explores dramatized movements with character exploration to better enhance a story. Similar to “Glee” performances, our Musical Theater students take a song and turn it into a production! In addition to learning principal dance movements, this class also delves into character study, scene analysis, and stage presence. Student's are encouraged to take risks and push their imaginations to create larger than life characters!


Advanced Musical Theater (Placement by instructor) 

Building on basic character development and dance techniques, our Advanced Musical Theater class pushes student's to sharpen their ability to project a story using their emotions and movements. Student's will perform a song similar to how it would be produced in a full musical, without the intimidation that often comes with singing. This allows student's to focus on honing their physical abilities as a performer, and encourages exploration of new ideas. Student's will also be taught professionalism in the theater and learn audition techniques in a judgement-free space. 


Intermediate Contemporary (Placement by instructor) 

Contemporary dance is much more than just a combination of ballet, lyrical, and jazz styles. This form of dance defies traditional technique by integrating body and mind into fluid motions that project a dancer's emotion. Through breath and torso supported movements, contemporary elements include floor work, fall and recovery, contractions, and releases. This class allows dancers to safely explore these elements and reach outside of their comfort zone. 


Advanced Contemporary (Placement by instructor) 

In this Contemporary class, student's will continue to hone their ability to project an emotional narrative through the foundation of breath and core support. Contemporary dance stresses transferal motions including floor work, contractions, and releases giving a dancer better control of their abilities. Our goal is to work beyond dancer 'tricks' and strengthen the foundation and creativity that shapes unique movements.

Super Seniors - New Fall 2021 

Have you graduated from high school but don't want to give up dancing? This class is for you! Miss Amy is the instructor and we will create a fun piece for our Holiday Spectacular. Adults of any age are eligible for this class and we need 5 dancers for the class to run. So... TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 

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Tumbling and Tricks Clinic

Saturday, July 23rd 2022

Students entering grades 3-8 in Fall of 2022 can join Miss Sam to learn basic tumbling skills and contemporary tricks! 

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