The BRAVO Fitness class is geared for any and all to better themselves through an active lifestyle. Chris will lead his teammates to achieve a base level of fitness that creates a healthier overall lifestyle, and can be utilized by serious athletes, the casual exerciser, or those that simply want to better themselves.


He believes that exercise should be a welcoming and approachable way to maintain this healthy lifestyle for all. His courses serve to challenge those who wish to start from the beginning, but can also push athletes with years of experience.


The BRAVO Fitness class will avoid those boring weight room activities by utilizing a variety of fun and engaging camaraderie among its students, who can achieve their goals together in a supportive and welcoming environment.


B-Fit at the Bravo Center

2019 Fall Schedule


B-Fit: Functional Fitness

Monday – Friday

5:00 – 5:45am

7:30 – 8:15am


Description:  Every training session will be coach led and include a combination of everyday movements designed to improve your core strength speed, agility, flexibility and range of motion. Each class will include a warm up ,a strength and skill set and a daily workout designed to improve your overall fitness. Each workout will have a specific target goal with a prescribed intensity which can be modifiable for any skill level.  Classes limited to 15.


Program options and cost:

1 month unlimited classes………….…..$110 

1 month 3 classes per week………….…$90 

Punch Card 8 classes…………….………$75 

Drop in*……………………………………...$10


B-Fit: Rowing

Tuesday and Thursday

8:30 – 9:15am





Description: This 35-45 minute class is for all skill levels.  We will utilize the industry standard Concept2 Model D Rowers to get your heart pumping through intervals and a mix of bodyweight stability, mobility and strength to give you a full body workout.  Classes limited to 7.


Program options and cost:

Punch card 12 classes……………………$140

Punch card 8 classes……………………..$95 

Punch card 4 classes……………………..$50 


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​Chris Lemke Bio:

As a member of the US Air Force, Chris Lemke takes fitness seriously. The three-time Ironman finisher, certified Crossfit and Crossfit endurance instructor has spent years honing the ability to maintain a base level of fitness whether it is for his military career, to keep up with his four kids , hitting the slopes of Cascade, or taking on the challenge of another long distance triathlon.


Chris believes that keeping an overall healthy lifestyle helps to make the challenges of daily work and play fun, helps to avoid those nagging injuries and soreness that we all like to evade, and just have fun moving and grooving. Chris also coaches the “dry-land” workouts that keep the Baraboo girl’s swim team working at peak performance.


As Chris continues to work hard at mastering his craft, he strives to share his experience and training with any and all that wish to better themselves through functional exercise.

The BRAVO Center

202 East Street, Suite 600

Baraboo, WI 53913

 (608) 356-0865

Dance Classes Begin 

Session I 

Sept. 13 - Dec. 4, 2021

Session II

Jan. 10 - June 11, 2022

Sign up online now for

Session I or Full Year


High School Hip Hop Combo auditions will be held Sunday, September 5, 2021

We will have two audition time slots due to social distancing

Choose between:

11:00am   OR    4:00pm 

Please email BRAVO to request audition time.

Room size allows for 15 dancers.

First come, first serve basis.

You will receive a return email confirmation with your approved audition time. 

Important News & Updates:

The BRAVO Center will continue to require all of our COVID precautions, including mandatory mask-wear and encouraged

social distancing. 

This helps to protect those dancers who are too young to be vaccinated and the families who have opted not to

receive the vaccine. 

Thank you for putting your BRAVO family first.

We're in this together!

Holiday Spectacular Performance 2021


Due to COVID more information will be available as time allows. Costumes will be billed as needed. 

No Adult Fitness Classes
Available a
t this Time